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the course of the uprising 2011. >> sarah surgany in cairo, thank you. >>> tomorrow lance armstrong is expected to sit down at his home in texas with oprah. for years, armstrong has repeatedly and aggressively denied doping and last fall he was stripped of his seven tour de france titles. he distanced himself from his popular cancer charity, livestrong. noare questioning whether it's a good idea to turn to celebrities to gain support for different causes. in about 15 minutes from now, we'll talk with john sang, who worked with lance armstrong to inspire cancer survivors. >>> relatives of computer prodigy aaron swartz are shocked after learning of his suicide. he was just 14 and also pioneered the availability of free information online. he was facing federal fraud charges from the articles from m.i.t. he faced 35 years in prison and a million dollar fine. swartz denied those claims. >>> hugo chavez is not in a coma and "continuing to make strides in his recovery." that's according to the venezuelan president's older brother. he visited his brother in havana where he went for cancer
family are going through, and we'll continue to monitor this. >>> thank you. >>> lance armstrong, and others who tried to expose the truth about doping on the u.s. postal team. plus, he is getting ready to confess to doping, doing an oprah interview next week. how much will actually come out from that interview? we'll talk about it ahead. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ] ...you'll bust your brain box. ♪ all on thinkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ from td ameritrade. morning, boys. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> "ac360" following now, tonight, we know that oprah winfrey will i
much. >> thank you. >> imagine that, six whole years. still ahead, new details of lance armstrong's imitation of his teammates and others who tried to confess to doping. and he is going to do an interview with oprah next week. how much will come out from that interview? we'll talk about that ahead. ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve. >>> tonight we knowthat oprah winfrey is going to interview lance armstrong and it's being billed as a no holds barred interview. they say he'll address the doping scandal that destroyed his career. but will he actually confess to doping
. it could be the most stunning confession in cycling history. the real reason lance armstrong is sitting down with oprah. >>> what will be the white house decide when it comes to gun control? all morning we'll put the proposals and the pushback in focus. >>> have you seen the inside of a coffee cup after the coffee's gone? who wants to carry that around and take it back to the store and, fill me up, johnny. nobody wants to use that again. >> remember last week? why victor's going to eat those words about starbucks' latest venture. >>> it is saturday, january 12th, good morning, everyone, i'm randi kaye. >> i stand behind those words. >> you might not want to. you'll find out why. >> good rng mo, everyone, i'm victor blackwell, that's one take on armstrong's motivation, here is another. >>> this weekend, we're going to talk about lance armstrong and the possibility that he is sitting down with oprah winfrey to talk about cycling and his future in cycling and possibly doping. last week we heard reports that he may fess up to doping, but now we have a date and a time. "usa today" reports th
, thank you so much. >>> coming up next your wednesday morning weather and how lance armstrong allegedly bullied his critics into keeping quiet. scott pelley spoke with the person in charge. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. help relieve the pain and stop the damage with humira, adalimumab. for many adults with moderate to severe ra humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop joint damage. so you can treat more than just the pain. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma or other types of cancer, have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic reactions and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b are prone to infections or have symptoms such as f
. so will lance armstrong, is this the plan? >>> plus, the political future of hugo chavez on the brink. >>> and in one county, police don't have enough ammunition because of a run on bullets. one distributor says, he has never seen it so bad. >>> good to see you here. i'm brooke baldwin. beating the president to the punch, new york's governor is getting ready to propose sweeping gun control laws. here he is, andrew cuomo, governor of new york, waiting for him, i should say, that wasn't him there, using the state of the state address to push for, supporters say, some of the toughest gun restrictions in the whole country. so here's just some of what we're anticipating the governor to announce. this is according to reporting this morning from the wall street journal. he is expected to require gun owners to relicense every five years to broaden the definition of what falls under the state's current ban and to increase penalties for crimes committed with illegal weapons. it has been nearly one month since that school massacre in newtown, connecticut. the president's task force in reaction t
rumors swirl around lance armstrong. will he or won't he admit to doping in the next few weeks with an interview with oprah winfrey? what some are expecting him to say. >>> if so, this is very high on the richter scale for awfulness. >> the first portrait of the duchess of cambridge has led to a wide range of opinions. we'll let you know what the duchess herself has to say. >>> and we're watching quickly cooling temperatures. freeze warnings up and down the bay area from the north bay into the santa clara valley. 40s outside now, but you will be surprised by just how quickly our temperatures reach freezing tonight. i'll have the details in your forecast coming up. >>> the murder of michelle le in the east bay last year is now in the national spotlight. for the first time on "dateline," gisele esteban answered questions from investigators about that killing, and now le's family is speaking out about the gripping evidence revealed in the case. our stephanie trang has that story. >> you really just want to go into the screen and grab her and protect her. >> reporter: the final mom
opened fire during a batman movie. >>> can he clean? lance armstrong is thinking of admitting that he used performance enhancing drugs. he is considering it hopeful that he can return to competition. armstrong's attorney is denying that the cyclist is in talks with agencies. rescue crews are narrowing the search for a missing sky diver in washington state, crews are focusing on a specific area in the mountains. the man was last seen thursday jumping out of a helicopter at more than 6,000 feet. >>> a florida wop dives through a glass window to escape her burning home when a small plane crashes into it, all three people in the plane died in the crash yesterday. the pilot reported mechanical problems and was trying to make an emergency landing at an airport a mile away. the woman who lived in the house suffered only bruces. the fashion mogul, missoni and his wife are missing. he is known around the world as an ambassador for his brand, which is featured in target stores here in the united states. >>> the country's bordering syria are planning a conference to discuss the growing refugee c
secretary. >> that's so funny. thanks, john, appreciate it. >>> lance armstrong, is he going to admit to doping? he's sitting down with oprah next week, his first interview since he was stripped of his seven tour de france titles and banned for life. the rumor is he's going to use that interview to admit he took performance enhancing drugs for years. howard kurtz host of "reliable choices" and lauren ashburn, editor-in-chief of "the daily gallow." nice to talk to both of you. do you think he has to confess if he's going to sit down with oprah? >> what else is he going to do? is he going to talk about his family? he has to do something, right? but the problem is i don't think oprah is oprah anymore. do you know when her show is on? do you know? do you watch? >> doesn't matter. >> 7:00 p.m. -- >> doesn't matter. >> -- at 4:00. >> the youtube clip. >> that's exactly the problem. if just a youtube clip makes it you've got 30 seconds at the most. are you going to sit down and watch an hour and a half of lance armstrong? >> she is still oprah winfrey and lance armstrong who by the way lied
that lance armstrong plans to, quote, make an admission about doping in an interview with oprah winfrey that he'll tape tomorrow. armstrong was stripped of his seven tour de france titles and banned from professional cycling after an investigation of the u.s. doping agency found he used and distributed performance-enhancing drugs. so far he's strenuously denied that he ever engaged in doping. joining me now is dave z year. re know. author of "game over." and my colleague at the magazine of sports, john mcwhorter. and american studies and columnist at the daily news. and a contributor of espn magazine who wrote a great piece about andrew luck a few weeks ago. >> thanks. >> i think this is such a fascinating kind of microcosm and a look at america. hbc is laundering billions of dollars of drugs for drug kingpins worldwide and they get a settlement and it's on page a-16. a bunch of people approving waterboarding who were shot through the intelligence agencies, right? and like everyone is just freaking out about the baseball players and the example of this is this is documentary filmmaker k
. >> imagine that nightmare. six full years. still ahead, details about lance armstro armstrong's alleged intimidation of his teammates and others who tried to expose the truth about doping on the u.s. postal team. plus, he is getting ready to confess to doping, doing an oprah interview next week. how much will actually come out from that interview? we'll talk about it ahead. +3+3+3 >>> 360 follow-up now. we know that oprah winfrey will interview lance arm strong, aired january 15th. it is being called a no-holds barred interview, abut will he address the issues that destroyed his career? but will he actually confess to doping in detail? it will be his first interview since he was stripped of his seven titles and banned for life from cycling. but how much detail and how much follow-up questioning will there be on the details that already emerged about the doping. that's something we have to wait and see. he's not the only one speaking out. the head of the anti-doping agency is also talking. in an interview with cbs, he talked about armstrong's history and how the cycling superstar intimid
kerman kron 4 news. cyclist lance armstrong is expected to make a shocking announcement when he appears in an interview with oprah this coming week. nick valencia takes a look at what the possible admission of performance enhancing drugs use could mean for armstrong's career. >> "i've said it for seven years, i've said it for longer than seven years, i have never doped. i can say it again, but i've said it for seven years, it doesn't help." >> reporter: help may be something lance armstrong will need a lot of to redeem his reputation after the u- s-a today reports armstrong will quote, "admit to doping throughout his career." the newspaper does not name their source, but says its a person with knowledge of the situation. u-s-a today says the former seven-time tour de france champion's admission, which had been widely rumored for weeks, is expected to come in a monday interview with oprah winfrey that will be taped for air thursday. as for why he's doing this now? the journalist who broke the story says armstrong had no choice. >> "with all the evidence that's come out against him it's h
the illegal doping of lance armstrong says he received death threats and witnesses were intimidated as he tried to break a code of silence around the cyclist. travis tygart is the head of the u.s. anti-doping agency, which polices u.s. olympic sports. armstrong won the world's most grueling event, the tour de france, seven times. but after tygart's investigation, armstrong lostrt all of his titles. in his first interview, tygart spoke with us for the premiere of a new program called "60 minutes sports" on showtime. tygart says that armstrong was doping in his very first win at the tour de france in 1999.. the drug was e.p.o., which boosts endurance. >> six samples that were takenhat w from lance armstrong werewere re-tested in '05. and they were positive. >> reporter: in '99, when the tests were originally taken, was it reported that they were negative. >> there was no test for e.p.o. they were not tested for e.p.o. at that time. >> reporter: when you tested for them in 2005, you discovered? >> all six were flaming positive. >> pelley: "flaming positive." >> flaming positive. >> pelley: t
weapons. reports from major garrett and michelle miller. lance armstrong's teammates say he threatened them when they told the truth about doping. >> the biggest thing he said is "we're going to make your life a living "f"ing hell. >> pelley: and bob orr on a new national treasure. thousands of hours of interviews with true sports heroes including mickey mantle's memory of his father's tough talk. >> he said "i thought i raised a man, you're nothing but a coward." captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: good evening. this national flu epidemic is getting worse by the day and today boston's, population 600,000 plus, declared a public health emergency after the virus killed more than a dozen people. at least three more states-- montana, south dakota, and arizona-- are now reporting widespread flu, bringing the total to 44 states. and the c.d.c. said the percentage of people going to the hospital for treatment has doubled in the past month. we asked dr. jon lapook to give us the latest. >> reporter: the emergency in boston was declared afte
enhancement performers and lance armstrong is ready to tell his side to oprah. what's he going to say? coming up. so you say men are superior drivers? yeah. then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] ...safe driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. ok. [ voice of dennis ] silence. are you in good hands? >> murder mystery in illinois after a man hits the lotto jackpot only to wind up dead before he can cash the check. 46-year-old urooj kahn died last july one day after his winning check was cut to him. at first authorities said he died from natural causes and then a relative's tip reopened the case. he was poisoned with cyanide. his wife says she has no idea and or who tipped off the cops, says it wasn't her. what had a mystery here, she says, that's the new piece today, says it wasn't me, i was not the one who asked the cops, homicide, medical examiner to take another look at this. where do you think we stand on this case? >> well, the first thing, megyn, i mean, i hope nobody dropped the ball, but just on the onset you have a man that wins the lot
going to get out of here? >> greg: yes. coming up, did lance armstrong investigate people who made doping accusation against him? have you check your kid's homework lately? i haven't. one teacher is sharing the welt. lessowelt -- sharing the wealth. lesson about mathematics. eric has the amazing story next. ♪ ♪ [ lisa ] my name's lisa, and chantix helped me quit. i honestly loved smoking, and i honestly didn't think i would ever quit. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. it put me at ease that you could smoke on the first week. [ male announcer ] some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop
's the biggest scandal to hit cycling and now new reports of a possible confession, why lance armstrong may come clean days from now. nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. that's a great idea. i'm going to go... we got clients in today. [ male announcer ] save on ground shipping at fedex office. with multiple lacerations to the wing and a fractured beak. surgery was successful, but he will be in a cast until it is fully healed, possibly several months. so, if the duck isn't able to work, how will he pay for his living expenses? aflac. like his rent and car payments? aflac. what about gas and groceries? aflac. cell phone? aflac, but i doubt he'll be using his phone for quite a while cause like i said, he has a fractured beak. [ male announcer ] send the aflac duck a get-well card at getwellduck.com. [ male announcer ] send the aflac duck a get-well card ♪ ♪ hi dad. many years from now, when the subaru is theirs... hey. you missed a
? lance armstrong, he has spent years and years how dare you, how dare you time and again and then get red blooded after trying to embarrass the anti-doping agency and everybody else and decide it's time to come to jesus moment. lance armstrong is in as deep as any athlete as ever been. >> neil: it's not something as saying, no i didn't use performance enhancing drugs. he denied it. >> he denied it for 20 years and he is worst than bonds, mcgwire, tiger woods. >> neil: i actually believed him. the others ballooned up but in his case, i just believed it. >> which is part of the problem. if i were counseling, first of all with oprah, he has to confess totally, not a mark mcguire half pregnant confession. i got forced into it. he has to say what he did, who he did it with, when he did it, why he lied for 20 years. number two, he has got to say i wanted to now devote the rest of my life to try to fix this problem which is pervasive in racing, the doping problem to michael vick. >> neil: i don't know. would that work is. i think that is what high hats to do but is it too late? >> lance armstron
. "usa today" is reporting that lance armstrong will admit to doping in an upcoming interview with oprah. we're following that story. >> i said it for seven years. i've said it for longer than seven years. i have never doped. i can say it again. but i've said it for seven years. it doesn't help. >> reporter: help may be something lance armstrong will need a lot of to redeem his reputation after "usa today" reports armstrong will admit to doping throughout his career. the newspaper does not name their source but says it's a person with knowledge of the situation. "usa today" says the former seven-time tour de france champion's admission, which had been widely rumored for weeks, is expected to come in a monday interview with oprah winfrey that will be taped for air thursday. as for why he's doing this now, the journalist who broke the story says armstrong had no choice. >> with all the evidence that's come out against him, it's hard to deny it anymore, and he's making a calculated decision for himself personally and it's also i think a business decision for him because it's affecting his c
inducted into the baseball hall of fame this year including the ones all but certain, lance armstrong. lance is scheduled to sit down with oprah for a tell all, but will it improve his chances for a cooper town retirement? too early to tell. andy? >> thanks, tom, but lance armstrong is not a baseball player. >> not anymore. he has been banned for life. >> no, he actually he is a cyclist. >> good for him. he will have plenty of free time. if riding a bicycle were a sport i'm sure he would excel at that too. >> thank god you have a fact checker tonight. see you later. let's welcome our guest. i am here with tokes news -- fox newschannel anchor jute yell huddy, bill schulz, apologies to our viewers, and next to me a first tile guest political consultant, roger stone. and he is better suited as stuffing because he knows particularly nothing, our new york times correspondent. how are you, pinch? >> julia huddy writes how people in the workforce must be more supportive of each other in her column called "-- >> if i wasn't feeling nauseous -- >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. >>
gets too close for comfort. >>> lance armstrong's attorney responds to reports the former cyclist is planning on admitting to doping charges. >>> it is shaping up to be a wet weekend. this is a live picture from the emeryville cameras. it's foggy and i icky outside. [ fingers tapping ] [ rain pattering ] [ heels clicking ] [ female announcer ] yoplait light tastes great now... ♪ ...and feels great later 20 delicious flavors of yoplait light, now at 90 calories each. yoplait, it is so good! >> people on a beach in australia had a close encounter with a shark. a nine-foot long tiger shark ventured 200-yard from shore today. officials got everybody out of the water and closed nearby beaches. it's believed the sharks are roaming closer to shore looking for their favorite play, fish. >> lance armstrong's attorney is responding to a report that armstrong is going to admit using prug prug -- using performance-enhancing drugs. the antidoping agency stepped armstrong of seven tour de france titles and banned hem from cycling. >>> starbucks latest plans for expansion may be the company's
. but for the third straight year was not elected with a shrinking number of votes. next week, cyclist lance armstrong will sit down with oprah winfrey for what's being billed as a no holds barred interview. his first since being stripped of his seven tour de france titles and banned for life by the u.s. doping agency. for being the mastermind of what it terms the most sophisticated doping program sports has ever seen. the expectation is armstrong will finally admit what he's denied for years. >> i do believe, if we take armstrong, for example, that we want to see him as we once saw him. forgiveness will come easily to lance, i think. >> reporter: so where does this leave fans who often see athletes as gods? here's what columnist boswell told his son at 8 years old. >> you don't look up at them, you shouldn't look down on them. you should just look right at them. >> reporter: today hall of fame voters didn't like what they saw. anne thompson, nbc news, new york. >>> still ahead for us on a wednesday night, how far can police officers go when they pull you over? what happened to one guy in the middle o
landing. >>> after years of denials. former cycling great lance armstrong will come clean about doping allegations. doping allegations. the possible reasonse, sir i'm a have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app. >> ama: a single engine plane made an emergency landing at san carlos airport. the pilot was the only person onboard and was not hurt. on monday, another small plane had a rough lapping. you -- rough landing and ended up with its nose gear in a slough past the runway. >> lance armstrong will make a limited confession to doping and will offer an apology in an interview on thursday. last year the u.s. antidoping agency stripped armstrong of his seven tour de france titles and banned him from c
. and the mount vein view northbound 85, to 101 there is road work. >> disgraced cycling star lance armstrong faces new allegations this morning. next, the claim that he may have tried to bribe his way out of a drug investigation. >> the bay area city at the heart of innovation and technology turns to an old world trend to boost dining and business downtown. first, the tech bytes. >> in tech bytes apple feels the heat. the "wall street journal" says the company is reportedly working on a cheaper iphone with a plastic shell rather than an aluminum shell, less expensive droid phones are gaining market share. the news from the consumer electronics show isn't just entertainment. audi has a car that parks itself but can pick you up. the really cool part is how it works with a smartphone. >> seeing the car drive on its own is amazing but pressing a button, and seeing it start and arrive where you are standing is pretty down right amazing. >> but this is still 10 years off. those are the tech [ male announcer ] pillsbury grands biscuits. delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef slo
you very much. >>> tomorrow, lance armstrong is expected to sit down with with oprah winfrey at his home in texas, and he may finally spill the beeps. "usa today" says he may admit to using performance enhancing drugs throughout his career. he has vigorously denied using drugs, but his fans are hoping to hear an admission and an apolog apology. >> better late than never. it is bad that he did it to start with, but come clean so to speak. >> now that he is dropped from the cycling world, it won't hurt him, and this is going to soften up and maybe his admission of the he does admit it, it will bring him back into the cycling world. >> of course, armstrong has not admitted to anything yet, and the interview with oprah is set to air on her network on thursday. >>> relatives of computer proprogeny aaron schwartz say they are in shock after learning of his suicide. the 26-year-old hang ed himself in his brooklyn apartment. he helped develop rss when he was 14. he was facing federal fraud charges based on millions of stolen articles from m.i.t. he had denied the claims. >>> it is unseasona
your morning with us. five stories you should know. number one, lance armstrong, the "usa today" sports reporter brent schrotenboer says lance armstrong is ready to admit his doping scandal. the paper saying he'll come clean with oprah winfrey monday. in the past, he has strongly denied using any performance-enhancing drugs. but overwhelming evidence from anti-drug agencies has cost him millions of dollars in endorsements. he's also been stripped of his seven tour de france titles. >>> chavez missed his own inauguration on thursday, though the supreme court said he could be sworn into his third term at a later time. the 58-year-old hasn't been heard from since he went to havana a month ago for cancer surgery. government officials said he suffered a severe lung infection after the operation. there was no firm evidence that chavez is even conscious. >>> number three, the deadly flu outbreak. the cdc is now reporting that two more children died. that brings the total of deaths this season up to 20. officials also say that number -- the number of reported u.s. cases has decreased, especiall
lance armstrong declararía su dopaje ante e lmundo. >> (música) >> lance armstrong decidió confesar la verdad, despojado de llo 7 títulos del tour de francia confesara con oprah winfrey, diria una disculpa para quiénes le decían esto. >> y un grupo de brasileños se tomaron manifestantes con arcos y flechas, se aguarda la orden judicial. >> deportes y deportes y nos traen goles. >> en esta segunda jornada del fútbol mexicano emociones. >> disfrute los goles. >> en la corregidora los gallos blancos se enbfrentaron a los pumas de la unam quiénes se quedaron con 10 hombres con la expulsion del picolin palacios., >> el dissparo de pineda es interceptado por scoto que marca el gol, pineda pone el segundo y de estos gallos que se inegan a morir. >>y la maquina cementera pito fuerte y se llevo la victoria. >> y con masde 70 años de experiencia en el fútbol mexicano enrique el ojitos mesa y la
on the lance armstrong investigation is making news. did the cyclist try to buy his way out of a doping investigation? and what could be the worst wildfire in the world right now. when the "cbs evening news" continues. of using toothpaste to clean their denture. but dentures are very different to real teeth. they're about 10 times softer and may have surface pores where bacteria can grow and multiply. polident is specifically designed to clean dentures daily. its unique micro-clean formula kills 99.9% of odor causing bacteria and helps dissolve stains cleaning in a better way than brushing with toothpaste. that's why dentists recommend polident. [ male announcer ] polident. cleaner, fresher, brighter every day. i have never encountered such a burning sensation... until i had the shingles. it was like a red rash. ?p?p like somebody had set a bag of hot charcoal on my neck. i had no idea it came from chickenpox. it's something you never want to encounter. for more of the inside story visit shinglesinfo.com i paint people from my life mostly. my ex-girlfriend... 7th grade math teacher. w
one? >>> lance armstrong after a decade of denial is heading to oprah's couch to confess to doping. but does she still have the cultural clout to save him? >>> in other sports news, brent musburger spending too much time did the networ need to apologize? >>> plus, jimmy kimmel plunging into the late night wars against leno and letterman. >> used to be on at midnight and now we're on at 11:35. now closer to co-hosting "the view." i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources." >>> the television cameras were invited to the office building as vice president biden held his first meetings on the gun issue. >> every once in a while, something that awakens the conscious of the country and that tragic event did in a way like nothing i've seen in my career. >> but a few words uttered by the vp that the president might consider changing some policies by executive order sparked an explosion in the conservative media. >> what you're experiencing here is an out of control, an arrogant, an unconstitutional power grip. >> embarked on a ferocious anti-gun campaign. you better support gun control
. >> imagine that six whole years. just ahead. new details about lance armstrong's alleged intimidation of teammates and he is going to do an oprah interview next week and how much will come out of that interview. we will talk about that when we come right back. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you turn an entrepreneur's dream... ♪ into a scooter that talks to the cloud? ♪ or turn 30-million artifacts... ♪ into a high-tech masterpiece? ♪ whatever your business challenge, dell has the technology and services to help you solve it. whatever your business challenge, excuse me, sir i'm gonna have to ask you to power down your little word game. i think your friends will understand. oh no, it's actually my geico app...see? ...i just uh paid my bill. did you really? from the plane? yeah, i can manage my policy, get roadside assistance, pretty much access geico 24/7. sounds a little too good to be true sir. i'll believe that when pigs fly. ok, did she seriously just say that? geico. just click away with our free mobile app. >>> 360 following now. lance armstrong is going to do an interview
in is put on hold after surgery for cancer. the latest there and lance armstrong opens up to oprah. what's being called a no holds barred interview about his doping allegations. 0. :: i have low testosterone. there, i said it. how did i know? well, i didn't really. see, i figured low testosterone would decrease my sex drive... but when i started losing energy and became moody... that's when i had an honest conversation with my doctor. we discussed all the symptoms... then he gave me some blood tests. showed it was low t. that's it. it was a number -- not just me. [ male announcer ] today, men with low t have androgel 1.62% (testosterone gel). the #1 prescribed topical testosterone replacement therapy, increases testosterone when used daily. women and children should avoid contact with application sites. discontinue androgel and call your doctor if you see unexpected signs of early puberty in a child, or signs in a woman, which may include changes in body hair or a large increase in acne, possibly due to accidental exposure. men with breast cancer or who have or might have prostate cancer
dashed. >>> lance armstrong's career came crashing back to earth after evidence showed he used performance enhancing drugs but is he ready to come clean? that's coming up at 5:50. >> looking for some savings after all the holiday spending you did? we have daily deals coming up at 5:39. >> howard has lots of 60s, maybe a 70 ahead in his seven- day forecast. we'll be right back. >>> good morning. welcome back to 9news now on this thursday morning. get ready for the warm-up. >> this weekend is really going to be warm. we'll be 50 'ish the next couple of days dealing with some rain tomorrow afternoon and evening. this weekend will be spring like. yes, spring like. then we've got some cold probably the second half of next week and next weekend may actually be a return to winter. here is your bus stop forecast. you'll need to bundle up a little bit. not a lot but a little bit. we have temperatures this morning in the 30s and 40s. even 50s still at national airport which is a sign of how just mild things are. sunrise at 7:26. it sets at about 5:06 this afternoon. 41 degrees here this
have a big impact for all of us on the road. >>> and fallen stars. lance armstrong set to open up to oprah as the hall of fame door is shut on some baseball greats tainted by the steroid controversy. "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. >> good evening. we begin tonight with this flu outbreak across 41 states in this country now. and at this time last week, it sadly had claimed 18 lives. well, tonight in just the space of a week's time, 18 deaths have now been reported, just today in one state, in massachusetts. where the city of boston has now declared a public health emergency, and it's now a big front in the spread of this flu during this already mean season. tonight we want to begin with our chief medical editor, dr. nancy snyderman. she is at bringing aman women's hospital in boston. nancy, good evening. >> good evening, brian. in flew ends zais putting a stranglehold on communities around this country, and tonight i have to tell you that i've now been in two large city emergency departmen
with the u.s. postal team of what you saw, what you think was lance armstrong -- >> yeah, no doubt of that at all. that is what it was always called. >> that's what intrigues me. it was seen as acceptable. an acceptable thing to do. >> yeah. this was the '90s in cycling. that was the way, the normal way of doing things. the people who weren't on the program and who actually got results are like, good lord, how did that happen? >> what were you asked to do? >> he asked me to go, if i would go to spain and pick up something that he needed from the doctor that he couldn't get to and they couldn't get it to him. so, i kind of said, yeah, okay. i did say to lance, i would do it this once, but don't tell me what i'm picking up. i don't want to know. >> why did you do it? >> i always felt kind of guilty in ways by not getting involved in the medical program because be involved in the medical program and i wouldn't, at the time, i probably stood out a bit because i didn't. and so i kind of felt, here, i'll do it. >> did you see lance armstrong inject himself with drugs or take drugs? >> yo
report brought by river rock casino. more coming up later in the newscast. >> ama: lance armstrong comes clean? hmm, his plan to open up and who he is going to talk to. >> coughing, sneezing, a nation overwhelmed overwhelmed. >> plows, she became america's tower >> ama: good evening, i'm ama daetz. in tonight's headlines. you think it's cold now, wait until tomorrow. sunday is predicted to be even chillier in the bay area. get out the blankets, mitt 's, leg warmers, anything to get through the deep freeze. >> thousands of people attended a gun show in san francisco. many said they're buying guns and ammunition because they fear president obama will place restrictions on weapons. vice-president joe biden is expected to deliver recommendations to help curb gun violence this week. >> family and friends held a memorial service for alyssa byrne, many wore pink, her favorite color her body was found in the snow. her burial will be private. >> france is on alert for a possible terrorist attack following military action in africa. french troops were on the move from the country of chad to mali f
website a lot of people have been visiting. >>> plus the lance armstrong controversy. is he ready to come clean about doping? that story still ahead. >>> and do you like your diet soda. it may not like you. how diet drinks may be altering your mood. >>> and i'm meteorologist topper shutt. high temperatures 50 today. another day above average. now, here is your wake up weather. a light jacket required even though it's going to be a mild start. 34-44 at 5:00. low 30s to low 40s at 7:00 and mid 30s to mid 40s at 9:00 with sunshine returning. we'll come back. we're tracking a big storm in the lower mississippi valley. we'll tell you what that means for the weekend. turkey sausage. turkey what? amazing. right? yeah. next one's on you. yeah, okay. introducing dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich. the surprisingly great taste of turkey sausage on a pepper-fried egg with under 400 calories. try it, you'll like it. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in for dunkin's new turkey sausage breakfast sandwich today! >>> lance armstrong, the disgraced former cycling champ met with the ceo of the dop
they have a point? >>> i'll have something to say how lance armstrong lied to me. i'm howard kurtz and this is "reliable sources." >>> most normal americans were taking some time to celebrate on new year's eve and watch bowl games or sleep it off on new year's day. but here in washington, many journalists were working around the clock as the white house and congress tried to avert the dreaded fiscal cliff. it was one tough story to cover with endless twists and turns. >> while i was talking to you, wolf, i got a message, an e-mail saying from a senior democratic source saying the goal is tonight. >> mr. vice president, we're live on cnn, do you have a deal? >> happy new year. >> house republicans staged a new year's day revolt to avoid the fiscal cliff. >> america went over the fiscal cliff at midnight, but we are still waiting to see if it will be a hard fall or a soft landing. >> despite some hopeful signs very early this morning, we are still in a freefall. >> we have news and that is that the house republicans have decided just to take up the clean senate bill. >> we're on the
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